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i’ve been living my life with full of pain, cause seriously life is such a pain! but can you imagine how people still keep pretending to be having such a good personality otherwise, deep down inside they endure the grudge itself. me, fed up with paying attention too much with these persons. i can’t keep […]

Things i loved in life were : there are many things that just gone.. over all, i lost many of my clothes..there are some that because someone stole it, and there are some just gone! this is weird or awkward, or wacked or anything kinda feeling.. but when i was going to lose what i […]

i’ve been writing about him ever since 3 years ago.. there’s nothing left.. i have done the poems about him, songs, journals, stories, blogs, even more the letters! that have never showed off. i never put his name on my writing, i substitute his name with ” The Polar Bear ” ( it’s such a […]

first time i tasted bagel was 2 years ago. at ‘Bakoel koffee’ . i ate those bagels with ‘spread cheese’. ehhmm yummy.. ever since that day, i am crazy about it! galih, mandy, mail and dede know that i heart bagel a lot! ahahaha. bagels have become a popular bread product in the United States, […]

I had a busy-hectic-chaotic day yesterday. i was being such a receptionist at Galih’s sister wedding party. I wore ‘Kebaya’ at the moment, full make-up on my face ( with the shading-thing on my face which is i hate it! oh i would have rather to get make up by my self than that make-up […]

Ya Tuhan!


as you know folks im not such a religious individual my self. but uh, i checked in to my friend’s blog, and he often says ” Ya Tuhan ” as i read his writing and spoke to my self that ” Ya Tuhan ” sounds good to pronounce when you get freak out or something. […]