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Broken Arrow


i might be wrong. i might be making mistakes. i might have been fooled around, i might be blind. and i might have been being such a fool for all these years, but i’m not gonna be that person anymore this time. this heart is just like a broken arrow. it was fragile before, now […]

there i go.. got stumble in bad grades, deficit, being a target of their (mom and dad) anger, and the one that always keeps faith in me is the loneliness itself 😦 it’s not that because i have no one.. that exactly i feel so all alone, although closest friends here beside me.. they always […]

Dede went to have a vacation in Bandung a week ago. she told me she would be alone in Bandung, she happened ask me to come. i could not come for some reasons. Darn, i can not even remember the reasons.. hehe. She hit me on IM, that she told me there was a guy […]

Facebook is amazing! it connects us with people around the world! even the old friends! we’ve found each other on facebook! and had planned to make a lil reunite! so we met finally the other days.. here they are what a memories we got there!

i did come to the president’s election with my dad this day to choose one of three candidate parties. i did reunite with my elementary’s friends. they are all the same, heart it! their laugh, their jokes, even our histories, they just dragged it, and took me back to the past.. i had fun with […]

WHAT IS FUN ? those are a few examples of fun things.. you folks got another ideas of making some fun! you have it with your own rules! you do have a right to have some fun.. as long as you hurt nobody. let’s have some fun together!