Ya Tuhan!


as you know folks im not such a religious individual my self. but uh, i checked in to my friend’s blog, and he often says ” Ya Tuhan ” as i read his writing and spoke to my self that ” Ya Tuhan ” sounds good to pronounce when you get freak out or something. ” YA TUHAN! ”

there are some ” Ya Tuhan ” facts that make me say ” Ya Tuhan! ” more often than i ever planned. here they are :

  • Ya Tuhan! my lil brother, Bagus is sick. he puked last night, so bad 😦 get well son lovely brother..
  • Ya Tuhan! i just found out that Rama is in jakarta with his friends and he haven’t signed in on YM ever since he’s in Jakarta. and he didn’t even let me know about it. jerk.
  • Ya Tuhan! i talked to Bram on MSN today, i asked him whether we’re cool or not, and he said ‘ yeah of course we are, and i am.. ‘ he asked me in return ‘ Are you ? ‘
  • Ya Tuhan! i was testing Ingga with saying that i was missing him, he said he miss me A LOT. then i told him that i wished he didn’t mention it. and he said, ‘ I wish i didn’t feel it, Liey ‘ oh well.. pass on!
  • Ya Tuhan! i am so jealous that Mail is dating a guy. and i feel so weird about this guy. i have such a bad feeling about him. i was trying to tell Mail, he”s apparently deafed by the love he feels, he won’t listen to me anyway.
  • Ya Tuhan! i cant stand the pain from the pimps! these pimps are really really really annoying. i can’t even forget that i have never been inviting these fucking pimps into my life, but they just came out and showed up! Crap.
  • Ya Tuhan! i made a Video that i was both singing and playing guitar. i was singing “Warwick Avenue” yeah that song is my masterpiece! i just cant believe that there were many friends said that it was very well done! 😀
  • Ya Tuhan! Ingga always in my thoughts!
  • Ya Tuhan! i listen to Kris Allen ” No Boundaries ” over and over again. i heart this song a lot.
  • Ya Tuhan! i watched ‘ Drag me to hell yesterday with dede, mira and mail. that film got me SHOCKED!
  • Ya Tuhan! i watched ‘ Angels and Demons ‘ a previous day before i watched ‘ Drag me to hell ‘. Disappointing.
  • Ya Tuhan! i dont know why.. it’s 11.59 PM and i am feeling terrific sleepy. awkward

Okay. i’m off to bed folks. Dulces Suenos!


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