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i was going to removed the unimportant bookmarks at my bookmarks tool, i saw the ” TIBETAN PERSONALITY TEST ” i was checking it out and took the test.. the first test asked me to put the following 5 animals in the order of my preferance to define what are priorities in my life, there […]

it was my birthday in May 26th, turned to 21 years old. I am growing older.Time does fly.. it feels like just yesterday i went to high school with my sneakers, played basketball on the field with the guys ( i know i was not that tall to be a basketball player, but i liked […]

The oldies me..


Celebrating the reformation. Is it really necesarry ? it’s been 11 years, but nothing to be heard. No result. Nothing. So what is this reformation celebrate for ? such a weird people who still keeps celebrating this issue. This event is being a stupid site, being caused of the traffic, being a thing to show […]

” Dad loves mom ” she read. ” Mom loves dad ” she read again. She stopped reading the text. She was taking a moment to think of something. Seriously. She asked me ” How’d we say if dad doesn’t love mom any longer in English ? ” -she spoke bahasa at the moment- I […]

let me first introduce who are called mates by me.. we were almost always together everyday, everytime, everyminutes, every.. everysecond! we escaped the classes, we smoked weed together for the first time (well actully it was the first time for me smoking weed), we sleptover at mandy’s and got crunk with grabbing some beers or […]

One day, after classes Galih took me for a ride. We were heading to PIM. We were going to theater to watch a movie. He said he wanted to watch ‘Knowing’ . I told him my friend said it was not a good film, he could hardly understand in the end of the story. But […]