It’s how we’re supposed to treat the Mental..


A week ago, Dad took me to pick up my grand ma at Kerawang,West Java. A place where i meet my aunt, she got a Mental Disorder since she was kid caused of a deaf. She’s supposed to be Twenty-something.

She said hello. She was so friendly and cheerful. She was so happy to see us came by to her place. She approached me like, i was her sister or something. Few minutes after she served us like so friendly and warm, she got freaked out. She turned into mad for no reason. She cried, she shouted like crazy to people around. She took all the treats back. We were not allowed to turn on the TV. Moreover, she asked me to leave the house. I watched how they handle this.. of course when she got mad, because when she got her sanity, people around her keep to treat her like a 5 years old kid.

The thing i’m trying to tell you here is, they treat a woman who is totally an adult mental just like they treat a toddler. hmm.. however she’s an adult. in despite of she’s a mental, she’s still an adult. She is a woman. She deserve to have an adult thoughts, deal, and an adult environment. Accordingly, she would stop acting like she’s a toddler, yet she would know how to develop herself into a woman. she would stop getting mad or getting insane. she would stop getting her unstable mood.

if this stuff i’m telling you doesn’t work, we are remained to supposed to treat her as a woman. she will understand in time. she may develop herself.

This deal is totally wrong for her. She can’t live like this like forever. what if someday no one would take care of her the way she got right now ? She would be just all alone someday. She has to know that there’s another world that she ought to discover out there. She has to find something. Something that will make her to feel alive. Something that will make her to be a woman.

They are just wrong.


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