6 days left.

I’m turning to 22. Dang! Am i that big!

it feels like i just had my 21 birthday yesterday! i can barely recall what i have been through since the day i was born. not that remember but there always be someone to remind me about my childhood. ah! i wish i could not grow up. i wish i could stay to be a cute little baby!

” life will even be harder when you’re twenty-something, but that’s how we grow up! that’s how we survive ” – My self quote

people grow, evolve, and change. i can’t recall how i had my first step. i can’t remember my first word. But here i am, 22 years old ahead and there are so many things that i’m gonna learn as i grow older and older and older.

i remember the time i used to wear sneakers and now i wear flat shoes. i remember the time i used to play basket ball and now i go to the gym considering to keep my body in shape, to have sexy muscle, and hot abs, and tight ass. i remember the time i used to get confronted with Mom, now i’m trying to be as smooth as i can, as sweet as i can.

i remember the time i met my friends in school. i remember the time i met my first love. remember the first kiss.

i would never ever be that happy without these people in my life. you guys are the love of my life.

if i ever changed to be someone else, i wish i could be a better person for all the people around me. and if i ever got stumbling, i wish you guys were there to remind me who i was. because,

Metamorphosis. is careless.

i love you. and i hope you love me too.

aliey. 22 years old.


5 Responses to “Metamorphosis”

  1. 1 ditya

    pa kabar lu ?? 😛

    • 2 alieya Rochmana

      ih konyol banget deh nanya kabar di blog :s

      • 3 ditya

        iseng aja gw lg liat2 fesbuk lo trus klik link blog lo.. dannn kebetulan sekali kita berpapasan di Pim kemarin.. LoL

        ngumpul2 lg dongg kpn gitu…sudah lama sekali ya.

  2. 4 dede

    You changed a lot…but still love you… *hug*

  3. 5 alieya Rochmana

    love you de *big hug*

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