Women are not slaves


You may think i’m kinda harsh to write it on my thoughts that women are not slaves. but, this is i’m concerned about when i first came to my class, it’s International Human Rights class. An interesting class to join. And lucky me, i got a smart lecturer, he’s called Pak Andrey. i might not have too much conversation with him, but i can see by the way he teaches us in class, he’s totally smart eventhough he’s not that good at arguing, well i just love his thoughts, affection and the way he concerns about Human rights. he likes to share stories, news, and histories that relate to human rights. and just in time, when i came in to his class this morning, he talked about “Slavery”.

He explained about the legal definition of  slavery. he said that slavery is a system under when people are treated as properties and are forced to work,  a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls their life, liberty, and fortune and have a sense to own over another. interesting. isn’t it?

According to this, Pak Andrey asked us to give examples the kind of slavery. and i said, Human trafficking. he enlightened me by saying that human trafficking could be known as a modern-day form of a slavery, that means, what i said was true.  and it crossed my mind that there are many kind of slavery in our life if we just can see every small things around us. i mean, i’m not talking about a legal definition of slavery this time, i’m talking about slavery it self.

i’m gonna make it simply casual. i’ll simplify the example. as a woman, who happened to date some guys i’ve been hurt and probably been hurting people, but let’s not talk about me hurting people. let’s talk about a woman who has been hurt by some men. because according to facts, men have this natural talent that i don’t know where it came from but it exists that they have some naturally absolute power to control women’s life (slavery characteristic number 1 has been detected), that i don’t know how, somehow men gets so abusive. this power abuse that they mostly do usually tortures women both ways physically and psychologically  whom they think they own them (slavery characteristic number 2 has been detected) and most of them apply arbitrarily to satisfy their lust, disregard them as human beings (slavery characteristic number 3 has been detected).

women were born not to be insulted. women are not slaves. women are here not to be hurt. women are human. women are equal with men. we are equal before everything. women are not property.

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms. (Article 4 UDHR)

read that, “in all their forms”. i take it as either legal or not it’s prohibited because it relates to human rights.


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