Dear Peebs (A selfish heart)


A selfish heart

i swore not to surrender, unless you ask me to

A selfish heart

what i have been hiding thoroughly deep inside my heart, i would never let you know nor let  you go

it’s been years peebs,

i thought the wait would be so worth this selfish heart, until you showed up

i’ve been empty

i thought you would be the one who was gonna fill it, until you walked by

i’ve been waiting the whole time

i’ve been waiting and wishing and praying before i went to sleep if i had a chance to say hello and if you would ever notice me that i even existed in your little world, but you would never have.

A selfish heart

it was just me who kept thinking that i didn’t feel the need to tell you how i feel about you

A selfish heart, dear peebs..

it doesn’t exist anymore, it broke

you will never have any idea why it did

you’ll have no clue why it disappeared

you’ll never touch it

because you didn’t have a hint who was this girl that hapenned to have

A selfish heart.


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