Happy holiday,folks!!


I'm wishing you a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 2010!!

Apparently, everyone is busy with making any resolutions for a new year in 2010. i don’t even think about it. not yet.. and that’s very sad. i just asked a friend as i’m writing this post has she gotten her resolutions, she answered this simple,  she wants to have a job as soon as she finish her thesis. i wanna have her resolutions too, but unfortunately i’m not as good as she is in university. i have failed so many subjects and in this term, i know i will be failed again, cause i skipped classes just too much, there were too many sick-times this term. the decision is in university, if they let me pass in to final-test, i have a chance to pass the subjects. i have many things get pending. and once again, that’s very very sad 😦 my dad’s gonna get dissapointed. sorry. i know i say sorry too much, but this time, that’s all i can say about it.

This year, in 2009, i noticed something that apology and forgiveness are meaningless these days. You know, people say sorry and make up everyday like, they eat to live. So, if i can substitute this quote that ” People eat to live ” with ” People say sorry to live ” i couldn’t be wrong, could i ? I do say sorry too much, and i think it’s just wrong. If u do something too often, it makes no special sense anymore. Like, if you say something unusual too often, it makes this unusual to be a usual.

To say sorry in an appropriate and a properly time, will be much meaningful than saying sorry too often. i bet. because saying sorry has to be have a deep meaning. When you say “I love you” to people you love,you have to mean it, right? that’s “sorry” supposed to be said.

Therefore, for this new year resolutions, i got :

  1. Say sorry if i mean it (of course i will make sure first if i do )
  2. If  dad gives me another chance to fix my grades in university, i will do my best to fix it
  3. Make target to do thesis

Over all, folks.. making resolutions every year is not that bad, it isn’t a bullshit or bluffing kinda thing.. but it’s kinda motivation for yourself. it’s kinda evaluation for yourself to have a better life to live. To be a better person every year. and it couldn’t be so wrong. have your reaolutions! Happy holiday.. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!!! See you next year!!!!



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