The Five Birthday Surprises


It’s on May 26th.

I never thought that some friends had some things for my birthday. Well I had my birthday surprises every year from them. This year was much more marvelous. There were 5 birthday surprises. I know i got a bunch of amazing friends, but i never thought that i would be treated that special! i’m so blessed!

First birthday surprise came from: Ari, Mail, Ferry, Nenek and her new boyfriend. they came at midnight when i was just going off to bed. They brought me a cake that had the form as love. sweet :’)

introducing my Junior High School best friends, Ari, Feri, and Mail

The second surprise came from Emes and Rendy! It’s just too bad we didn’t capture some pictures to share with these guys 😦 but they showed up few minutes after the first surprise! I was like so excited, i thought that they didn’t remember about my birthday! but they did! Thanks guys!

Third surprise came from these crazy amazing guys; Galih, Anggi, Dede, Mandy, Mbak. They Dropped by to my house in the early morning when i was going to take a shower, i was about to go to campus. They were incredible!

Dede took this picture so she didn't show up on it. but thank you very much bestie for taking this!

The fourth Surprises came from Vivin. I call her “Bossshh”, and i get her calls me “Sobbi”. She came up when me and friends were at the Karaoke while we were in a break-time.

Introducing; Mbak, Vivin, and Erika!

The fifth surprise came from Asha! We call each other “Bolang”. yes we do nick-naming. that’s kinda fun! She showed up in campus with a cute cupcake. she decorated the cupcake with her own! that was superb cute!

Introducing; Asha "Bolang"! what a cute gal!!

Well actually there was the sixth surprise. It came from Afgan (My favorite Singer). Friends know i heart Afgan like A LOT! They strove so hard to make Afgan wishing me Happy birthday on twitter, and they made it! It wasn’t finished in there, Erika has a friend who knows Afgan, she pushed her friend to tell Afgan to make a voice note and then she could send it through to me. And SHE MADE IT. Afgan sang a happy birthday song to me, he mentioned my name!!! DAMN IT!

I couldn’t stop saying so much gratitude the other day. It was just i was overwhelmed of happiness. People are INCREDIBLE.

This is what i call HAPPINESS. Being around people i love who i assume they love me in return.

Thank you very much. i know it couldn’t be enough. But if there was a way to prove that i thank you guys from the bottom of my heart, i’d do anything.




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