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We don’t really get along each other. We are not really connected. We got into so much fights. She has been always giving me the talks about having a life, but i keep to deny. She has done some wrongs. But, She has been always on my side. She takes care of me. She sheds […]

Apparently, everyone is busy with making any resolutions for a new year in 2010. i don’t even think about it. not yet.. and that’s very sad. i just asked a friend as i’m writing this post has she gotten her resolutions, she answered this simple,  she wants to have a job as soon as she […]

A week ago, Dad took me to pick up my grand ma at Kerawang,West Java. A place where i meet my aunt, she got a Mental Disorder since she was kid caused of a deaf. She’s supposed to be Twenty-something. She said hello. She was so friendly and cheerful. She was so happy to see […]