Why people get married ? I won’t.


I had a busy-hectic-chaotic day yesterday. i was being such a receptionist at Galih’s sister wedding party. I wore ‘Kebaya’ at the moment, full make-up on my face ( with the shading-thing on my face which is i hate it! oh i would have rather to get make up by my self than that make-up artist girl! she did it bad! seriously.. ) here’s the picture

it was green shade. actually i love the 'Kebaya' because it's green. i love green.

it was green shade. actually i love the 'Kebaya' because it's green. i love green.

the ‘Kebaya’ was made by the dede’s tailor, his name is Mas Heri. he made it for a month. I asked him to re-sew the ‘Kebaya’ as i thought it was not fit on my body, it was a lil bit wider, so i asked him to make it smaller. and for the ‘Bustie’ i asked him to repair the back string, because it was too tacky and the size was wider as well, so i asked him too much for making it smaller than what he did it. I’m sorry Mas Heri for too much complaining. unfortunately, it was the time when my weight was 43 kg. I raised my weight 3 days before the wedding’s day into 46 kg, so the night before the wedding’s day i tried the ‘Kebaya’ and it was like… so… tight! jeez. and i could not even wear the ‘Bustie’! the ‘Bustie’ was supposed to cover up my back skin, but when it came too tight, i got the ‘Bustie’ showed my back skin up instead! and the ‘Kebaya’.. you folks could have imagined that, i don’t need to say anything, do i ?

after i was being a receptionist which was i felt sorry about it because i didn’t do it well, you know we ran out the souvenirs because seriously people kept asking the souvenir and i didn’t even know what were the souvenirs for ? they asked more than one! even more, there was a little girl forced me to give her the souvenir, she was acting like wanted to cry and i said ” It’s not a toy. ” and the girl said with a begging face like ” It’s not for playing, my mom asked me to ask you more souvenirs ” . What could i say ? Anyhow, after the wedding’s day was over i spoke to Galih ” I surely don’t wanna get married. it just too hectic! ”

at night, i was attending my friend’s wedding day. at Pawon jawa or something. i can’t remember the place. it was a good place tho. she is pregnant, i supposed it’s 5 months. when i greet her, she got a tired look on her face. that made me think, okay.. i don’t wanna have this look when i have to face people, so that’s why i think i dont wanna get married! i dont wanna get married!

why people get married ? why ? i won’t.. when you get married you have to face the truth that divorce is in front of you. when you get married, you need more profits to cover up the family needs. you need to take care of your husband as a wife that mostly a husband could be just not really take care of his wife. when you get married you have two big families that have to get along with, because when they can’t get along, your marriage could be just break down. when you get married these families will ask you to have some babies to protect the bloodlines. we can’t simplify or look down to marriage. so why people get married easily ?

seriously folks, why people get married ? I won’t.


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