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I’m not good at saying something. You know I’d rather to write it down than saying it directly. Time changes, so does life. And I hate it when it comes to me. I’m not blaming you for this because of course it was mine instead. I don’t wanna be fake, neither be the one who […]

A selfish heart i swore not to surrender, unless you ask me to A selfish heart what i have been hiding thoroughly deep inside my heart, i would never let you know nor let  you go it’s been years peebs, i thought the wait would be so worth this selfish heart, until you showed up […]

i usually write when i get restless on my period. when actually there was nothing happening. but on a period, when you’re on period, there are some hormones that make you think too much, even a little thing at all. the most little thing i’ve ever thought of at that time was, why night is […]