Spread kiss for Peace Movement


Spread Kiss For Peace Movement

Folks, you must be having this question in your head, like “what the hell does she think about spread kiss for peace movement?” or anything like that. Well, whatever.. all i need to do is explain to you what this is all about.

i actually never had any intended kinda feel to watch “This is it” the one who shows us about MJ’s rehearsal. But, i have a friend who is such a HUGE fan of MJ. she forced me to watch it, she even bought me the ticket. What the hell, She made it work 😦 i have watched it.

There was an interesting part in that film where MJ always says ” I love you” kinda thing or “Do it with love.. L. O. V. E ” or anything about love.. it’s thoughtful and kind and touchy.

MJ has issue about Love in his entire life. i agree with him when he says that everything that you’d do, do it with love. But is it that easy to do everything with love ? i started to think.. hmm.. i started to think about it like, so deep, that’s when i fell sick! (this is too much, joking 😀 ) but i did fall sick, and this thought just came out from my head when i was tweeting on twitter for sure.

when i was tweeting, i felt like kissing everybody. and i love this part, you know the way you get kissed and kiss people. it turns to peace deep inside of your heart. seriously, you gotta try it. if you don’t trust me, you can try. start from now, kiss people around you.. begins with people next to you, over there.. yeah over there.. give your mom, you dad, your sibling(s) and cousins, grandparents, give them a kiss.. you don’t have to kiss on their lips, they will understand.. you just need to kiss them. on their cheeks, on their foreheads, on their noses, whatever.. just kiss.. each other.. it is good for your health psychology.

so i determined that yesterday November 26th is a kiss-day. A ” Spread kiss for peace movement” day in my little universe.. ehehhee..

Why? Why Spread kiss for peace movement ?

here’s the thing, world requires peace, peace takes some love to make it work, love takes some kiss to make it work.. it relates to each other. so let’s start with kissing before love.  it is for peace. this is a movement i made to make peace in world. and you, you, you, you gotta believe me that it will work. it is gonna work by kissing each other!

start from now, kiss people next to you if you love your universe, if you want to make peace.

peace and kiss.



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