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Folks, you must be having this question in your head, like “what the hell does she think about spread kiss for peace movement?” or anything like that. Well, whatever.. all i need to do is explain to you what this is all about. i actually never had any intended kinda feel to watch “This is […]

Isn’t it cute ? this was drawn by Dwiki. we were chatting on the other night. he said he is good at drawing like “Seth Cohen”. He asked me to wait, it took like 5 minutes to draw it, scanned it, and sent it to me. The other day i told Dede ” I miss […]

So, i went out with Dwiki Truelove 2 weeks ago. We had this thing called “Double Date” with Fachmi and Dede. We watched “Inglorious Basterds” at FX, had dinner at Burger King. We planned to hang out at a bar to have some beers to catch up but apparently we didn’t find any place. there […]