A deal between rice and pancake


Asians eat rice. Whatever happens with rice,they have to eat rice in a day. I am an asian, and i have to eat rice in a day. but recently, i’m sick of eating rice. i’m bored for having rice for meal. i need something different than rice. i’m getting to crave for anything but rice. so 2 days ago, i determined that i’m breaking up with rice. we broke up.

i can explain you for 2 reasons why i’m breaking up with rice.

first of all, i am 21. i am asian who eats rice. i eat rice like forever. forever in my entire life. i eat rice with fried chicken, i eat rice with curry, i eat rice with anything i can combine with rice, a good-taste combining. can u imagine that??? i eat rice for 21 years (ok, not really 21 years, minus 5 years. u know baby doesn’t eat rice. i started to eat rice when i was 4) and all of the sudden two days ago, this thing kinda through my head that i’m bored eating rice. i realize that eating rice for 19 years.. is bored.that’s it. bored.

second of all, rice is a carbohydrate which means, i could get my tummy fat, totally no shape because of rice. OK. like i care. actually, i dont really care about this fat-things. so why would i make the second reason again ?

-_- there’s no second reason actually. i am just bored. that’s it.

back to “breaking up with rice” my friends took me to have dinner two days ago. they picked a place where i had to eat sushi. sushi is made by rice. i know. but i could not deny that i broke up with rice, it didn’t mean that i could not eat sushi right ? so i ate sushi. i really had a great time for having sushi at my dinner.in the meantime, deep inside i was craving for pancakes for my dinner.

few hours ago, my friends bought japanesse food. there’s rice of course with everything that fried. when they ate them, i was so glad that i was so wasted. i was not hungry.i could resist the charm. but in the morning, when i got up from bed, i was starving, and then i saw that japanesse food, it turned me on, so i grabbed it.in the meantime, deep inside i was craving for pancakes for my breakfast.

and i had tom-yam-kung and rice for my lunch after that, i had soto and rice for dinner. and this morning i had tofu and rice for breakfast, and i just had shrimp and rice for dinner. meanwhile, deep inside i am craving for pancakes so bad everytime.

u know what ? i think i can’t live without rice.i just love rice. i know i want pancakes so bad, but i can eat pancakes sometimes. i should’ve not broken up with rice. in fact rice is my life. rice is all around in my life. people around me eat rice. if i determined to break up with rice forever, i could go abroad, where i couldn’t meet rice, i could eat pancakes everytime, everyday, but then abroad i could find rice in chinatown, or in chinese restaurant, or asian restaurant, then i would miss rice, i would start to order rice and then i would eat rice again. unless, i decided to go to a north pole or something. then i could break up with rice for the rest of my life. but i wouldn’t. i would not go anywhere to avoid rice. i’ve been living with rice for 21 years, although i started to eat rice at 4. but before i was 4, people around me, they ate rice and i was like asked them, how does it taste, and they answered “good”. you know, there’s no one who says that rice is suck. no one. even westerns who don’t eat rice, they say rice is good when they try it.

in a fellowship thing, this legit happens. sometimes we break up with guys for no reason. the reason that just come out is bored. we can’t put the blame on people who say bored to give a reason why they break up. people, we are human being. we say bored because we are bored. but it doesn’t mean that we can dump other people for this reason, not when it turns to people that has been around in our life for years, not when it turns to people that love us, and need us. not when it turns to people that really understand us, when it turns to people that make us realize that we can not live without. because we would get back together somehow eventually. don’t hurt people because with this bored thing. try another reason that makes us clever, that makes people respect us as human being. because we live as one. even westerns eat rice! ring a bell ?


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