Life is not like playing The sims, not even close.

it's addictive!

it's addictive!

remember the last time when the Blackberry product was being abundant to be used by people in this entire world, i was being so cranky about it.Most of my friends were getting use it, and i was feeling like, abandoned! Just so you know, i knew blackberry way too far earlier before them, it’s just i thought i don’t really need blackberry to get connected with people, well i don’t think that blackberry was such a new fashion that you must have it either. but the fact, people use it.

i go hanging out with friends who use blackberry, i feel like talking with sculpture or something. they do realize it, because then they will act like they listen to me, because they feel guilty actually for being busy with their blackberry. well, sometimes it happens to me when i feel like talking with a boring person, you know but you have to face it because this boring person needs somebody to talk to (i won’t let people surrounding me get insane like marshanda! tell ya, i love them! ) but it just sometimes. when it comes to Blackberry person, trust me it will happen like FOREVER. FOREVER my friends…

i happened to make some protest action to them, ” Could you just at least not type as you drive ? Of course if you could not type as you talk to me..  ” and they made the defense, ” This is urgent text ! ” they can just lie, as long as i don’t know that the text is filled with this silly question ” What’s up ? ” . do they just like to type or what ?

this blackberry syndrome, i call it as a unsociable measure.get a life you unsociable person!

it’s kinda reverse psychology. i just think that i belong to this unsociable person for now. i am addicted to play THE SIMS! i did install all kind of the sims, on my new computer! i don’t know, i’m just attracted with this game. create how people look like, the personality, the interests, the house, the family, i just love this game. you can set what you want, you can set with whom you’ll be falling in love, you can dump dudes, you can have 3 or even more boyfriends, you can cheat your money, you can cheat your lifetime happiness, you can buy everything you want, you can break up with someone with no hard feeling, it’s just fantastic, it’s beautiful, amazing ! and, you can live without your parents get involved!

then i forget with my real life, i forget that i have friends (who use Blackberry) i forget that i have to fall in love in my real life, i forget that i have to study, i forget that i have to write songs, i forget that i have family, i forget everything, i just can remember about the sims life ! and i don’t know how the sims seizes my time this much. oh bad example.. and i don’t know how the sims can make me think that this game is the best game to play.

maybe it’s because you can have a life, exactly like what you ever wanted. you can get the ideal life. (although, it can piss you off when your sim is sleepy, or has the need to take a pee or something). but that’s the game. you can set it all up. and life is not like playing the sims, not even close. maybe there is some time you can set what you want, you can get what you need, but in a real life, it’s not that easy. in a real life, the easier you get, the more complicated risk you get. that’s why there is a quote ” Slowly but sure.. ” and ” save the best for last.. ” that’s a real life.

the sims is kind of a fantasy of having a life, but you can make it real, can make it happen if you just be as struggle as you achieve the goals at the sims. and of course not that fast to make it happen, you also have to be honest and patient. life is such a pain, not like playing the sims, you can be heart-less in it (because there’s a cheat to increase your money in only a second! *bad example*)

lesson for today : people must be having an unsociable measure time in their life, but don’t forget what is really exist surrounding you.

have fun to live your life, folks :DD


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