What about your childhood ?


this day, Marshanda ( an actres in my place who often plays like drama series ) is being a HOT topic. it’s not that she is playing in the new drama series, but she made some videos that dramatically like a drama series. she uploaded them on youtube! on YOUTUBE my friends.. i wonder by the time i watched those videos, she’s an actrees, what the hell was she thinking for making those kinda craps ? didn’t she think that those people who actually know her would watch those craps ? she talks about her life in the past ( esp. her elementary enemies), her dad, her broken-home stories as she cries! her x-boyfriends, she dances, yet she cries a lot! well i just think that she was on drugs! or she’s sick indeed. but her attitude on those videos seems like she’s drunk!

i know people who make such a video blog. but they dont cry, they dont act like sick people. maybe it’s her purpose to make such a video blog. but it came out just too much. and people in my country who dont really familiar with this video blog stuff, they think that marshanda is kinda sick! poor girl.

i talk about her over and over and over again, because i think this issue is kinda interesting. i talk about this with my grandma, friends, best friends, the guys, my mom, my dad.. i keep trying to discover where did this thing come from ?

i just talked with my best friend Mail this evening about her. he said that he happened to feel for being ignored by the elementary school friends back then. i knew this story. yet he tells me about his childhood story so often, i also happened to see it directly! LOL.

by the experience to hear these stories about childhood environment, i believe that a childhood story remains the same. a childhood story has a big impact for the growth. a kid who has been discriminated by the others would have such a traumatic to adapt with the new environment surrounding. a kid who has been insulted with the others would feel like under pressure, because they think why they could not be like the others who make a lot of  friends, who could be sociable, and who could not be the one to be insulted or discriminated. besides, family environment is important to embrace the kid as a kid! don’t push a kid to make money too early, it’s dangerous. don’t create them as a money maker. just let the kid to be a kid.

i thank god that my dad and my mom treated me well as i was a kid. what about yours folks ?


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