Blind date.. and the other news.


Dede went to have a vacation in Bandung a week ago. she told me she would be alone in Bandung, she happened ask me to come. i could not come for some reasons. Darn, i can not even remember the reasons.. hehe.

She hit me on IM, that she told me there was a guy who wanted to add me on facebook. but apparently he could not be able to add me because mine is totally freaking private. they can not even search it, can not see my profile picture, most of it, can not send a friend request. kinda cool, isn’t it ? ah sometimes, i’m just proud with this private thing on facebook (as if i’m an important kinda person –celebrity or something? lol.) so there, i was just trying to be a generous (haha) kind of person, so i offered to send him a friend request.

We are already being a friend. It’s Dwiki Truelove. kinda a weird last name.. as it’s not his last name for real. Truelove.. ridiculous yet hilarious.. and definitely lame! but i just wanted to make sure if it is really his last name (so who is the one that hilarious now ? ), so i asked Gia ( her boyfriend is Dwiki Truelove’s bestfriend since they were in a same high school) –who happened ask me about the ‘matchmaking’ between me and Dwiki Truelove.

Me : Gi, is Truelove his last name for sure ?

Gia : Of course not !

yeah! Of course not! how could i be this such a fool ? lol.

Dede told me a little about Dwiki Truelove. she told me that this Dwiki has many things in common with me. he watchs The O.C (likely, he crazy about it), he likes music, he’s hilarious.. dede told me.

and the blind date was throwing last night. Dede, Fachmi, and this Dwiki Truelove picked me up. it was Dwiki’s car. first impression, he is indeed a hilarious guy and yet, funny! he made me laugh out loud! heart it.

well, we didn’t really get into a conversation. he was shy (i guess) and i was absolutely shy too. but i guess, i felt the vibe when he was sharing the music that he listens to, the ‘The O.C” thing that he brought to his real life –he likes to act as if he was a Seth Cohen (Adam Brody). and the funny thing was, i like to act like Summer (Rachel Bilson) sometimes.. i mean.. sometimes i wish i were her.

he has a nick name. it’s Dewe. it sounds like ergh.. uncool. so i picked to call him as Dwiki. when they dropped me out at my home. i said ” Dwiki, Thank’s for the ride” and he was like.. i dont know actually. lol. but fachmi and dede were uhmm.. feeling wacked ? lol. but i guess.. it’s better than Dewe itself.

the bad news is, he didn’t even ask my number! the worse news is, i asked dede why he did not ask my number!

but i have a good news, we are going out today!

does this blog mean that i like him ?

damn! i’m such a fool. i acted like a teenager!

PS :

  • Dwiki Truelove knows Rhama Mandala Putra! they are friends! is this another bad news ?
  • Happy birthday for the twin! (Gea and Gia)

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