Seriously, i do have a real life!


i did come to the president’s election with my dad this day to choose one of three candidate parties.

i did reunite with my elementary’s friends. they are all the same, heart it! their laugh, their jokes, even our histories, they just dragged it, and took me back to the past.. i had fun with them! ( will share the pictures later ).

yesterday, i had lunch with galih and dede @citos, turned to go to the karaoke with galih, dede left us she had to pick her mom at work. galih and i did yoga! @mine.. i could not concentrate enough.. i was thinking of the fight with the polar bear ( the one who always makes me a mellow person ). i thought with doing yoga i could have been relieved! but it just didn’t work. he ruined my mind badly.

i cried at night. i just felt like horribly irritated! my heart could hardly endure the pain. well i guess that was the reason why i was crying baby. and yeah sometimes, we just need to cry to ease a broken heart.

so yeah those were my real life lately..

in a real life —particularly in my real life, cyber life is for real ( apart from celebrity’s imitiation and messenger’s ship ) well i mean, i don’t fake anything on the internet.

  • i do blogging to share my real interesting/wacked/ridicolous/or whatevs daily stories, and yet my real thoughts of something
  • i have facebook to connect with the old/long distance’s ship and i don’t share my facebook with random people (note it!)
  • i have twitter and i follow some of celebrities to share and to enrich of the insight ( of course i don’t care they are fake or not as long as i don’t fake my self  and as long as their status updates just make sense! )
  • i have skype, yahoo messenger and windows messenger to chat with mates, and friends. i don’t do random chat with random people.

what i am trying to say here is, i really can’t agree when people say that i take so many times in front of my computer. i can’t agree when people ask me to get a real life because i spend my times in front of my computer. besides, i don’t use blackberry —oh please, talk to your self whoever has blackberry and asks me to get a real life.. what the hell do you think you have one ? just because you can surf mobile you say that you get a real life already ? irrelevant! get a real life you blackberry person, don’t you ever realize that your blackberry make it worse ? you can even do everything on the internet everywhere, everytime you get a chance! who don’t have a real life now ?— and yet i use to let the computer and the internet on when i go out.

so i think these people who think that i am a cyber-whore, how do you know that i am if you are not ?

errgghh, i just don’t have a clue how to deal with these people who can’t stop pointing finger. haven’t you been a loser enough for blaming people ?

and seriously, when i turn to complain about something that you think it don’t make sense as you say that i always assume something that i shouldn’t it’s not because i don’t have a real life, otherwise, i do have a real life! because my real life teach me how to complain! and my real life show me how to complain what it’s worth.

i have a real life. i do.


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