The oldies me..


Celebrating the reformation. Is it really necesarry ? it’s been 11 years, but nothing to be heard. No result. Nothing. So what is this reformation celebrate for ? such a weird people who still keeps celebrating this issue. This event is being a stupid site, being caused of the traffic, being a thing to show off that people who gets involved with this thing is intelectual or something and idealism whereas, do they really understand what they are doing there ? for real, folks it’s hilarious. The purposes itselves have been forgotten. Oh well, people… could you guys just stop acting that weirdo ??

Anyway, I feel so oldies recently.. first I’m listening to Bob Dylan in present which he is so 60’s my friend.. second, still about music, I’m listening to New Kids on the Block as well.. no offens, I love them, they are so 80’s I know.. but then I got the thought.. some old stuff could be better than the new one.. correct ? Bob Dylan was sooo genious, and New Kids on the Block were sooo cute 😉

The third, I think I crush on someone from the past… let’s flash back in 1998.. I moved in to Jakarta from Bandung. I was 9 at the time, I went to the new school where mostly there were sons/daughters from Indonesian National Armed Forces. There he was, a son of a general. It was not because of he was a son of a general, but it was his charm. Anyway, we played together, we hung out, but apparently he liked my best friend. Until, I met him a week ago on facebook. We were catching up.. almoset everyday and I guess he liked me.. About few hours ago I just found that.. I think he doesn’t like me. he’s just not that into me like I am…

He should have known, we just could be good together, if only he gave it a try..

For earth sake, eat me 😦

i just changed my mind, the new ambience is better than anything old !


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