Love for a child..

would they ever get a chance to consider that love is just that simple! *am i simplify thing too much ?*

would they ever get a chance to consider that love is just that simple! *am i simplify thing too much ?*

” Dad loves mom ” she read.
” Mom loves dad ” she read again.
She stopped reading the text. She was taking a moment to think of something. Seriously.
She asked me
” How’d we say if dad doesn’t love mom any longer in English ? ” -she spoke bahasa at the moment-
I asked her in return
” But dad loved her, didn’t he ? ”
She answered in doubt
” Probably ”
I wondered why she asked me that, but then i explained her
” We can use the simple past tense. It must be ‘ Dad loved mom ‘ ”
She repeated reading the text, but this time she used the simple past tense
” Dad loved mom ” She wrote down the text as well on her book while she read it.

” We should love each other ” She read the next sentence. She was quiet for a while and thinking again.
” Should we? ” She asked me again. This girl got me so confused, but i answered however
” Exactly we should ” i said.
” Then could u tell me why do we like to hurt each other like my parents do ? ” I was so confused. This 6 years old girl was confusing for asking me those things. I’m supposed to be her english teacher not a private counceler.
” How did u know that ur parents like to hurt each other ? ” I know it sounds like i wished i could get involved more far for knowing what happens with this girl, but i didnt. I jus wanna make sure that i wont answer anything wrong. That’s it.
” i often saw my mom was crying when i had my breakfast, even more sometimes she broke the plates and the glasses. And yet i heard my dad yelled at my mom when i was sleeping.. ” she sighed and was playing with her pencil.
” I dont think it’s the way to show that they love each other. Cause as i knew, love is something beautifull, wonderfull that can make people smiling. Not crying, yelling and breaking something.. ” she was taking a sigh for the second time
” Or am i the one who got a wrong idea about what love is ? ”
She broke my heart for telling this. And how come her parents let her down and put her through in this situation, i thought. I was stunned. Couldn’t say anything.

” Aliey.. Aliey! Are u listening to me ? ” Her innocent face made me a lil bit more confused.
” I am, I am, Dilla! ” i gave her a smile.
” And then tell me what you’re thingking ! ” She looked so excited followed by her naive appear.

” Oh well.. Dilla.. I’m not as smart as u are for having thoughts about love. I dont believe in love my self. I’m not married yet as u know. But uhm, i have such a point of view about it..that im not really sure yet. ” i started to spread the words.
” The more u love someone, the more things get complicated.. I think it’s not that because ur parents dont love each other, but it’s because they do really love each other for sure instead. But there are always the possibilities that people get wrong of something, that’s why they like to hurt each other. But they’ll be fine and make up everything with coming back together or the other ways around somehow. It jus a matter of time. ” I saw her listening. She put her head on the table.
” You know, u can choose in between.. If u want to make people happy, treat them right. If u dont, u know how to be such an evil, it’s easy to be a bad person.. U choose! But to be considered, u’ll get the same thing for everything that u do to people. Everything in this world is risky.. ”
I didn’t care whether she got me or not. At least, i’ve tried to tell her. I hope she knows that she never be alone.

at least, she got me.

PS : parents out there, u’d better watch out ur children. don’t act such a dumbass because they are smarter than you ever think!


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