A religious sign


knowing_foreign_poster33One day, after classes Galih took me for a ride. We were heading to PIM. We were going to theater to watch a movie. He said he wanted to watch ‘Knowing’ . I told him my friend said it was not a good film, he could hardly understand in the end of the story. But however, galih and i checked it out. I saw the big poster of this film, and i was like, how dare he was for telling me that it’s not a good film ? come on.. it’s Nicolas Cage! Galih and I bought the tickets eventually.

Unlike my friend, i think it was a great film! Bueno! it’s about the doomsday.The movie opens in the year 1959, with an elementary school preparing to bury a time capsule containing predictions of the future as drawn by the students. One little girl is not drawing a picture. Instead she is furiously scribbling a series of strange numbers on the page, seemingly possessed. Fifty years later, the time capsule is opened and her scribblings end up in the hands of Caleb, son of astrophysicist John. He has recently lost his mother in a tragic fire, and thinks that there may be some sort of puzzle in the numbers. His father thinks otherwise, until one night, after a few drinks he happens to notice a pattern in amongst the randomness: a list of major catastrophes around the world and the number of people who died in them. Even more alarming is the fact that not all of them have happened yet. And the calamities just happened one by one, it ends with the doomsday, that no one thinks that it’s exactly the sign for the end of the world. As we can see that they are trying hard to find some place to safe their life. You may have seen clips or heard about a certain plane crash scene in the movie, even more when everything’s collide by the explotion of the sun, and all I can say is wow…

There are some religious touches in this film. There’s a scene when this film is showing Ezekiel sketch which is drawed by the ” chosen ” . John who is atheis, he obviously doesn’t believe in heaven since he lost his wife, he is realised that heaven is there when he follows the signs and Caleb is taken away by the angels. Still, no one knows about the Almighty, nothing can fight the power eventhough you have tried hard to escape it.

Anyway, talking about religious. I’m not a religious person my self. as i said before i do believe in god, but i just dont believe in religion conspiracies. it doesn’t mean that i have no faith, i do have it. as a person who is not religious at all, i really am interested with how there are religions in life, and how could they different eventhough they say that these religions are basically the same. leading us into good lessons by showing and teaching us how to distinguish what is good and bad in life. i tried to find out about these religions, until i had a dream at the night before i watched this film. the dream asked me to read Qur’ an. that’s it. that is it. i think it relates with what happened before i watched this film and after.

i just remember what Paulo Coelho says on his novel ‘ The Alchemist ‘ :

There is only that moment, and the incredible certainty that everything under the sun has been written by one hand only. It is the hand that evokes love, and creates a twin soul for every person in the world.  Without such love, one’s dreams would have no meaning. ”

when the end of the world begins, when no one can hide even if it’s under the ground, when no one knows, whatever your faith is, whatever who you are, just knowing the signs..


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