January 13, 2009

It’s raining in january, I watched the full-moon sometimes
I feel the wind blows stabbing my bone
I feel the air but it’s kind of hard to breathe
It’s pouring rain, so it’s my tears
I’ve never felt like this again ever since two or three years ago
I’ve never cried this hard ever since those days back then
I’ve succeeded to recover, I’ve done to regroup
Until I found him
I got the joy in the end of the year, it was the best delight I’ve ever had
And I got the misery earlier than I’d ever expected
It’s like a ship-wrecked drowned into the ocean
No one can help me to go along the side, unless my own self
I gotta jump to swim!
For january-sake, it’s not a revenge
He’s working out of something
He makes a joke about it
He makes my friends laugh, crushes me instead
I should have laughed about it, but I didn’t think it’s fun at all
I hate january,
And I hate the way I start this year with tears
But most of it,
I hate the way I shed my tears for this thing,
In january.


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